Taurus box


Taurus box
This box represents the zodiac sign Taurus.

On the box you can find the following painted subjects:
On top: Bull head (Taurus Zodiac Sign)
Front side: Flower – Foxglove
Side right: Gemstone – Jade
Side left: Planet – Venus
Rear side: Zodiac constellation
Inside: Triangle – as the earth element

This box is lined with olive green velvet. You can store 6 rings of any size in this box.

As a little extra you will receive the gemstone Jade.

The sizes of the boxes are: 8.7 x 8.7 x 7.7 cm.

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These jewelry boxes are a result of my interest in astrology. I studied several books and made a journey through the starry sky. In this voyage of discovery, I came across the different symbolism that fit the zodiac signs, such as: color, planets, gemstones, and flowers.

Each jewelry box has its own symbolism. Get to know your own zodiac sign better with this box and give your jewelry a nice and safe place to relax.

All boxes are handmade to my design by Harm de Glee. They are unique, you will not find them anywhere else!

The boxes were then painted by me with acrylic paint, lined with velvet, and finished with varnish.

With the zodiac sign box, you will receive a matching gemstone of 2-5 grams.

The sizes of the boxes are: 6.8 x 6.8 x 6 cm.


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